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Get organized and stay focused with our email summary service that sends a neat little package of each new email straight to your Slack workspace.
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Cut through the noise & summarize with AI

Stop drowning in your inbox and say hello to an organized paradise with our AI email summary service! Our platform delivers daily instant summaries of your emails straight to Slack, so you can kiss email overload goodbye. Sign up now and simplify your life - because who has time for a cluttered inbox anyway?

From your inbox... to your slack channel

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4! Learn how our system automatically summarizes your incoming emails and sends them directly to your Slack workspace in just four simple steps.

Receive An Email In Your Inbox:

The first step is simple - you receive an email in your inbox, just like you normally would.

Automatic email forwarding:

Once the email is received, it is automatically forwarded to our system, so you don't have to worry about manually sending it over.

Summarize the email:

Our system quickly analyzes the email and creates a summary, highlighting the most important information so you can quickly understand what it's about.

Send The Summary Via Slack:

Finally, we send the summary to you via Slack, allowing you to easily stay on top of your emails and respond to them promptly.

Why Choose Us

Simplify your email management with our AI email summary service. Receive daily instant summaries of your inbox in Slack, and never miss a beat. Choose us for stress-free email and a more organized life. But why choose us over the rest? Let us tell you.

100% Secure

Forward the emails you want to a secure loop with AI.​

Support All Languages

Summarize with different languages​

Save Time

Focus on your more important tasks​

Very Convenient

No need to constantly check your inbox.​

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